STB emu for android


Installation instructions for STB Emu For Android App:

STB Emulator basically clones the Mag's interface and can be used on Android Devices or Windows using Android Emulators like Bluestacks.

Download STB Emulator from the Google Playstore. There are two versions; paid and free. The paid version is ad free.

Setup Instructions

  1. 'Open App'
  2. Click Menu/Settings button on remote or double click with mouse and click icon on the top right hand corner of screen
  3. A Menu will be displayed on the right
  4. Click Settings
  5. Profiles and Add Profile (a new profile will be created)
  6. Select Profile Name and change to whatever you like
  7. Click OK
  8. Select Portal URL ( URL YOU GOT IN YOUR EMAIL) and enter the Server URL we provided
  9. Click OK
  10. Select STB Configuration 
  11. Click Screen Resolution and set to Auto
  12. Select Mac-address and Obtain the Mac Address (Mac address for STB's usually begins with 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX. )
  13. Exit to the initial screen
  14. Open Menu Option to the right again and scroll down to Profiles
  15. Select the Profile that was just created
  16. Portal should start loading and your done!
  17. Open a ticket from the 'Client Area' if you have any problems
  18. 'Enjoy your Trial'.


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