Android Devices Apk App

Instructions for Android box Apk App :

  1. Available on all ANDROID Devices
  2. Open a web browser on your device 
  3. Type “APK APP URL YOU GOT IN YOUR EMAIL” in the search bar, click enter, and allow the file to download.
  4. After the file has downloaded, you will go back to your main screen and go to your apps.
  5. Put Any Name
  6. To Install you may have to go to your File Browser App, Select "Local Disk", then select "Downloads" and select the "apk" to install. 
  7. Launch application
  8. Enter in the 'Username' & 'Password' that will be Sent to your 'E-Mail' address you use to sign up for the Trial.
  9. Captial sensitive For the 'Username' & 'Password'
  10. Your All Set To Start the service.
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