Dreamlink T1, T1+, T6

Installation instructions for Dreamlink T1, T1+, T6 setup :


  1. You will need the Mac address when subscribe (if you choose to have it on the dreamlink box)
  2. Obtain the Mac Address Starting A 00:!A:79:
  3. Let the STB Boot Up
  4. Finish any update that it may find
  5. It will bring you to the server menu (where you enter portal information)
  6. Press the Exit button on the remote and click on OK 
  7. This will bring you to the main DOL screen, the MAC address in upper right corner
  8. Sign up at: https://bluefox.to/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=0 - and register your MAC ID when you pick your package.
  9. Once you have filled out a order form with us and your order has finished being processed you will need to setup your device onto our service.Setup IPTV on DOL:
  10. In Dreamlink On Line (DOL) go to Settings
  11. Press the green button on your remote to pull up the edit option
  12. For the portal name use "Bluefox"
  13. For the portal URL use: USE THE URL YOU GOT IN YOUR EMAIL
  14. Restart your device and enjoy
  15. Open a ticket from the 'Client Area' if you have any problems
  16. 'Enjoy your Trial'
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